In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, insights and disclosure have never been more important for buyers and sellers. The synthesizing of data becomes increasingly complex as data proliferates.

In an article as far back as 2010 in The Economist, this observation was made:

"The amount of digital information increases tenfold every five years. ...By 2013 the amount of traffic flowing over the internet annually will reach 667 exabytes, according to Cisco."

Today the concept is "Big Data," and it is changing dramatically right before our eyes. Consider the following that happens each minute:

  • Facebook users share nearly 2.5 million pieces of content.
  • Twitter users tweet nearly 300,000 times.
  • Instagram users post nearly 220,000 new photos.
  • YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video content.
  • Apple users download nearly 50,000 apps.
  • Email users send over 200 million messages.
  • Amazon generates over $80,000 in online sales.

BPA engages within that world. Our processes have become trusted around the world for objectivity, rigor, reliability and timeliness. BPA audits provide marketers and brand owners with information that enables both greater trust and greater assurance of value in today's complex, rapidly changing business environment.

To help, we offer a series of thought leadership pieces to help you understand our processes and the need to minimize risk in media purchasing. Simply download from the BPA website, and fill out the form you'll find at the end of each description. We'll be happy to share our knowledge. Here are some of the topics:

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  • Telemarketing Best Practices: Protecting the Quality of Publishers' Databases and the Advertisers' Investment